Interior & Exterior Painting

Liven Up Your Home’s Interior with a New Coat of Paint

There are a number of reasons why a homeowner might choose to have the interior of their house repainted. After all, a new coat of paint may give a room a new, contemporary look and can improve the overall feel of a place. Additionally, a new layer of paint can conceal small imperfections such as markings, scuffs, or stains on the walls, making the space look as good as new again. Finally, if the homeowner is planning to sell their home, adding a new layer of paint can increase the home’s value and appeal to potential home buyers.

PGT Construction specializes in interior painting for homes and businesses, so if you are interested in livening up your home or business with a new coat of paint, give our expert interior painters a call!

Exterior Painting Services for Homes & Businesses

Whether a business owner is looking to give their storefront a modern touch to draw more potential customers in, or a homeowner is looking to increase the curb appeal and aesthetic of their home, a new coat of paint will always play a significant role in the process. When it comes to exterior painting, however, it’s not just about the aesthetics: the paint used for exterior painting needs to be able to withstand weather conditions like snow, rain, and sunlight, to help keep your investment protected. Thankfully, our experienced painters at PGT Construction use the highest quality paints and materials to get the job done quickly and professionally, every time.

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